Reduce <> Reuse <> Recycle

Drive Through Retail Services - Please stop by to view our facility and let us show you first-hand what real customer satisfaction is all about. We are a convenient drive thru facility (no walking 5 miles trying to lug your material with you) and we have fast, courteous employees who will help you unload your material, take it to a public viewing scale, (no hidden numbers here) and send you to a cashier for immediate cash payment for your material

Commercial / Industrial Services - Thornton Iron & Metal, Inc. provides a convenient pickup service for companies that generate scrap metal. Our professional and reliable service is our strength.

Our pick up services includes: Tractor trailers, roll-off trucks with 10-, 20-, 30-, or 40-yard roll-off containers, flatbed trailers, open-top trailers, box vans, etc. We also offer boxes, pallets and small containers.

Demolition Services - Thornton Iron & Metal, Inc. also provides demolition services throughout the United States. No job is too large for our professional staff to handle. We have performed demolition jobs around the country and can provide a list of references. Please contact Mike Thornton at 256-247-0708 or email for more information.

Brokerage Services - Thornton Iron & Metal, Inc. offers mill direct brokerage services for customers with larger volumes of recyclables. Please ask for details on this domestic and international program.