New law effective August 1, 2012

Thornton Iron & Metal, Inc. operates in full compliance with the new scrap law HB278.

According to Alabama Law HB278, Section 13A-8-37, it is unlawful to purchase the following, unless verifiable documentation can be provided:

  • Cemetery metals: statues, plaques, vases, markers, memorials, or other bronze items
  • All railroad scrap
  • Street and highway signs
  • Copper wire that has been burned
  • Scrap from utility companies: telephone, electric, cable, and water
  • Beer kegs
  • Manhole or storm drain covers
  • Loose catalytic converters
  • A copper, aluminum or copper/aluminum condensing or evaporating coil, including it's tubing or rods, from a heating or air conditioning unit, excluding scrap from window air conditioning units and automobile condenser coils
  • Signature & photograph required on all public transactions
  • You must be at least 18 years old to sell scrap
  • Non-commercial sellers: We are required to pay by check for the following:
    • Over $50 for copper
    • Over $500 for all other scrap
  • Commercial customers: a business or trade license is required